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The UK's only immersive web development community. Learn to code, become a web developer and get employed.

Experience the only training program in the UK that provides immersive training and paid work experience, delivered at our luxurious countryside retreat.
About Us
We Got Coders is a web development consultancy that runs training programs linked to junior web development positions. We teach full-stack web development and help you into agile web development jobs, specialising in Ruby on Rails.
Our Approach

Coding Bootcamps don't have to be stressful. Our residential course escapes intensity and burnout at our beautiful countryside location, offering you the space to learn and concentrate in peaceful surroundings.

Living in our luxury accommodation affords you the benefit of more interaction and help from your instructors and colleagues, allowing us to cover more material that is effectively retained.

Our Commitment
What makes us different is that we invest in our trainees to ensure that we get as many trainees as possible into real development jobs. We hire our trainees to work for our clients whilst providing on-site mentoring, to ensure that our trainees are productive and continue to learn whilst delivering value for our clients.
Our Location
Less than one hour from London in rural Bedfordshire, we provide amazing accommodation in our renovated riverside watermill, with all basic needs provided for, so that we can concentrate 100% on code, whilst still being within reach of Europe's premier technology hub.
Our Promise
For trainees who complete our program and meet our demanding performance criteria, we promise that we can find you a web development role with us or our clients, that you will learn career-enhancing skills and have a life-changing experience that you will never forget.

Why choose We Got Coders?

  1. We provide world-class training & accommodation
    Our intensive full-stack, agile web development course draws on extensive industry knowledge, designed to propel trainees to the level expected of an entry-level web developer working in the world's best software teams. Our small class sizes ensures that you get the dedicated support that you need, and our amazing accommodation ensures that we can concentrate completely on code.
  2. We put our money where our mouth is
    Our unique approach vouches for the best of our trainees and secures them 3-month paid contract positions with top agile web development teams; working on real-world projects, mentored by our instructional staff. We continue your learning whilst you are earning, gaining confidence and experience in a real-world web development role.
  3. We support our trainees all the way
    Our goal is to become the market-leading provider of top-quality agile web developers. We want our junior developers to work with us long after the course has finished, and by creating the right combination of training and support, matched with the right opportunities and mentorship, we can launch the careers of our future colleagues and co-founders.

How we can help

Career Changers

  • Our 12 week training course covers all that you require to become a web developer, with highly-marketable full-stack web development skills
  • Get the help you need from dedicated instructors when you need it. Our small groups reside together during the course allowing us to help out anytime
  • We hire the trainees who meet our strict performance criteria and supervise them on paid work experience placements
  • Earn between £25,000 and £35,000 after six months

Recent Graduates

  • Our FREE 12 week training course prepares you for a role with our clients working as a consultant with We Got Coders
  • Get the skill set that puts you into top full-stack development jobs and jump straight into highly-paid roles where you ship production code for our clients
  • We provide FREE training and guarantee a job for graduates who complete the program and work with us for 24 months
  • Earn between £25,000 and £35,000 after six months