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Tired of looking for decent web developers? Whether you are looking to add developers to your in-house team, or take on flexible contractors, we have UK-based web developers ready to start coding in your development team.

Why use us?

  1. Cut Out The Middle Man We are a community of developers committed to our own personal development, ready to pickup your project and build amazing new products working directly for you.
  2. No Hassle, No Fees Recruitment Forget about job-boards, cover letters, shortlists and worse of all: recruiters! We are developers ready to hire directly on a permanent or contract basis, with no fees to pay for our temp-to-perm and contractor placements.
  3. UK-based, Dedicated Developers Don't compromise on quality or costs. Our UK based developers start at £250 + VAT a day for contractors or £30K a year for permanent salaries. We speak English and are ready to work in your location or remotely.
  4. We Have Experience & Enthusiasm We Got Coders has over ten years of experience in delivering projects of every scale – and because we develop and employ fresh new talent, we bring fresh new thinking to your team.
  5. Build Your Team For The Long Term We have an ever-growing community of developers that we can deploy on your projects.

We Provide Developers

For Startups

We go further than other bootcamps by hiring our own trainees, and mentoring them in situ during the engagement, to ensure that they are delivering on the project and growing into the role. Assess your candidate by their performance; not an irrelevant code-test, and only make an offer if and when you are ready. Best of all, there are no recruitment fees! (Terms & Conditions Apply)

For SMEs

Whether you have an in-house tech team or not, our developers are ready to hit the ground running and get your project done. We're available for long-term contracts, working on-site or remotely, with no lock-ins or catches. We have a network of developers to cover your contractor if they're absent, and have the right experience to deliver your project.

For Tech Teams

If you are looking to grow your team, and you have the bandwidth in-house to on-board developers effectively, we can arrange multiple candidates to interview for you simultaneously, presenting project work from their course or from previous placements. When you can find staff directly, why pay more? Our competitive 15% rate for permanent hires means you don't waste time or money.

  • Contract Developers

    • Screened over a 12-week intensive course
    • UK-based, eligible to work in the UK
    • Fully trained agile developers: Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, mobile
    • No Tax / NI / Pension costs
    • On-site or remote as required
    • Choose from a 3-24 month contract, with flexible notice periods
    • We'll provide a suitable replacement if the contractor is absent
    No Fees!
    From £ 3,500 / month + VAT
  • Temp To Perm Developers

    • Screened over a 12-week intensive course
    • UK-based, eligible to work in the UK
    • Fully trained agile developers: Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, mobile
    • No Tax / NI / Pension costs
    • On-site or remote as required
    • Fully-managed developer working under supervision from a senior developer
    • Start with flexible, low-risk contract, with the option to go permanent
    No Fees!
    From £ 1,250 / week + VAT

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  • Permanent Developers

    • Screened over a 12-week intensive course
    • UK-based, eligible to work in the UK
    • Fully trained agile developers: Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, mobile
    • No VAT costs
    • On-site or remote as required
    • 15% finder's fee on 1st years guaranteed salary if your offer is accepted
    • Fees guaranteed for 12 weeks on a sliding scale; try free for two weeks!
    From £ 30K / year

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Case Studies

  • Breathe HR
    Human Resources / SaaS / SME

    It’s important to have employees who are talented, ambitious and willing to help themselves. That’s one thing we particularly liked about We Got Coders. We knew that anyone who got through the interview process and the intensive training, would be highly committed. That was a strong signal for us - we trusted that We Got Coders would have great candidates. Read More

  • Cortex Insight
    Security / SAS / Start up

    As a SAS startup, you can’t scale a business in the traditional manner. You have to find ways to mitigate risks when it comes to hiring people. Finding people with the right skillset and who fit into the culture is crucial at this stage, especially. Read More

  • Pharmaseal
    Health Tech / SaaS / Start up

    We Got Coders was able to provide a service that we hadn’t seen from other companies in the same space. As a startup in its first year, we had the challenge of managing costs whilst creating something feasible. Dan and his team enabled us to deliver a proof of concept that we were confident with, and felt would be enough to take to investors. Read More

  • ThanksBox
    Employee Engagement / SaaS / Start up

    One thing that really stood out whilst working with We Got Coders, is the mentoring and the strong support network for the trainee developers. It means that these individuals have access to this network of mentees and peers long after the course has finished. This is invaluable for startups like us, because it means that we pay for a dedicated junior developer, but also have access to the expertise of a senior developer. Read More

  • HandsHQ
    Health & Saftey / SaaS / Start up

    I've found We Got Coders' trainees superb - we've just hired our fourth. We also appreciate the attention after their trainees have been placed; as a senior developer Dan visits us weekly to help the them out with any problems. So far, their trainees have been enthusiastic, competent and a welcome addition to our company. Hiring new developers in London can be tough, using We Got Coders has meant we've cut out a lot of the hard work. We know we have an exceptional source of talent to draw on when we need to expand our team.

    Read More
  • Hostelling International
    Travel / E-Commerce / Enterprise

    We were safe in the knowledge that a senior developer was on hand to mentor and guide our employees, so there was less risk when offering two full time contracts to junior developers. By using We Got Coders we could control costs, build a brand new team and bring a new perspective to the company. In addition to this, the developers brought wide industry experience, and a resolute approach to coding to our company. Read More

Dan Garland - Director

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If you have any questions about your resourcing requirements and would like to speak with our onboarding team, please contact Dan on: