What is We Got Coders?

We Got Coders is a consultancy that provides experts in agile web development. Since 2013 have been shaking up the contract market with our unique approach of backing new junior web developer talent, providing training and mentoring, and placing them in suitable positions with our clients.

How we can we help you

  • If you're learning to code

    • Get the skills you need from experienced, front-line industry professionals, targeted to becoming an employable junior web developer.
    • Learn your way: take our intensive, residential bootcamp course or our part-time, flexible learning options. Get the best of both online and in-person training.
    • Live it up at our amazing residential locations, with everything taken care of. No commuting - just coding!
    • Join our in-house consultancy and start earning immediately after the course is over. You can earn £22,000 pro-rata on our three month work experience placement.
    • Get three months actual commercial work experience under your belt from respected software teams. Get endorsed by your instructor and a third-party CTO (chief technical officer).
    • Be first in line for job offers at top web development companies, working with the latest and greatest web tools: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.
  • If you are building a team

    • Hire world-beating junior web developers with targeted training, relevant commercial experience and demonstrable code.
    • Remove the risk and work with our vouched-for trainees on a flexible, contract basis, at market-beating rates.
    • Delegate the task of training and mentorship to our experienced instructional team, so your developers keep on developing.
    • Work alongside our trainees to mould them according to your requirements. Determine first-hand whether they are a good cultural and technical fit for your team.
    • Get the first refusal on our fresh talent and try them in your development team before you decide to make them an offer.
    • Build your team and company culture with dedicated and enthusiastic developers who are hungry to learn and get your project done

Recent Blog Posts

  • Grouplearning5

    How can you hire junior developers without the risk attached?

    The common misconception across the board, is that hiring junior staff is more risky than hiring senior staff. And in the majority of cases, those with more experience are less likely to make mistakes or miss deadlines. Web development and coding is no different. However, what if we told you that we have a way for you to reap the benefits of hiring junior developers, without jeopardising the work undertaken? At We Got Coders, we mitigate the risk so that you can focus on delivering the work.

  • Sherlock holmes facebook insights blog

    How to Spot the Bootcamp Myths from the Bootcamp Truths

    When it comes to investing in a web development and coding course, how do you know what’s myth and what’s truth during your research? We want to make sure that the wool isn’t being pulled over your eyes, so we are throwing the whole thing wide open and giving you it the way it is. Then you can make a better decision.

  • We got singles   interface

    We Got Singles

    If your first thought as you read the title was that we have decided to branch out into online dating, you needn’t worry. We are staying put and sticking to what we know and love. Our relationship with coding gets stronger by the day. We are tying the knot between trainees and clients. Okay, enough of the Valentine’s cliches... let's see how building a dating application as a group project helped our trainees to learn to code!

  •  rmp wgc 29

    The What, The How And The Why Behind We Got Coders

    Nicole Lyons, Writer and Founder of Purple Yolk visits Dan Garland at We Got Coders to find out how and why the company was started, what makes it different and what individuals need to consider before investing in a web development or coding bootcamp. This is part one of a three-part series and so follow us to read parts two and three over the next few weeks...

  • Carrie

    Meet Carrie: The Newest We Got Coders Team Member

    We're delighted to welcome the latest member to the We Got Coders team, Carrie Pitts, who is heading up admissions. She'll be your guide through the application process, through your course and into the jobs market. Here Carrie introduces herself and explains how she'll walk you through your successful career change into web development.

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