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Jonathan Richards - CEO Breathe HR

It’s important to have employees who are talented, ambitious and willing to help themselves. That’s one thing we particularly liked about We Got Coders. We knew that anyone who got through the interview process and the intensive training, would be highly committed. That was a strong signal for us - we trusted that We Got Coders would have great candidates.



With 2,500 clients using the Breathe HR platform and 90,000 employees logging into the system, it has to continually develop and improve the product. Previously the company had limited in-house capability alongside external development support. However, this was no longer enough and the company made a decision to build a development team of its own to handle the demands and growth of the business.


Breathe HR first heard about We Got Coders when a junior developer approached the company about a role. Jonathan explains, “This developer had recently completed We Got Coder’s Fast Track coding course, which had provided them with a solid foundation in Ruby on Rails. It was perfect timing and so we took them on. This hire was such a success that when it came to recruiting for two more junior developers, we immediately thought of contacting Dan Garland to help us find the right people.”

“Dan was able to line up candidates that not only had the skills needed for the job, but who he believed would be a good fit for the company and existing team. We ended up hiring two of the people he put forward.”


“All three developers who joined us following the Ruby on Rails training by We Got Coders have been incredibly talented and driven. And due to the fact that they were trained in the same way, they share some of the same languages and techniques that allow them to work together more seamlessly.”

“As a company, we want to carry on being able to provide junior developers with jobs that give them an introduction into the workplace, and to continue investing in the Ruby on Rails community.”


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