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Adrian Mahieu, CEO Cortex Insight

As a SAS startup, you can’t scale a business in the traditional manner. You have to find ways to mitigate risks when it comes to hiring people. Finding people with the right skillset and who fit into the culture is crucial at this stage, especially.



As a SAS company that was growing fast - and based in New York City and London - Cortex Insight needed to find affordable and capable contract web developers who fitted into the existing team and setup. This was easier said than done. In order for this to be financially viable, they decided to take advantage of the tax credits that were available to tech startups. However, in order be able to benefit from the full amount of tax credits, any member of staff hired had to be permanent. Stephen (CTO) heard about We Got Coders and arranged a call with Dan Garland to find out more about the model and pricing, to see if it would work.


We Got Coders was able to help Cortex Insight to source and filter candidates, to ensure they were the best fit for the project and the company. “For us, culture is really important. Young and enthusiastic people who have that passion and want to grow with the business, are ideal for us. Of course, their knowledge has to be of a certain level and so we set a coding project as a part of the interview process. All of the candidates Dan put forward could do that, no problem. Due to the tax credits challenge, there was a lot of stopping and starting, but Dan was able to adapt which helped us hugely.”


“Once we were ready to hire, We Got Coders moved quickly and found developers for us. We took on two great candidates; one of whom is still with us as a permanent employee. We are currently on-boarding our third member and are very happy with the team we've got.”


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