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Hostelling International

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Ivan Salcedo Operations Director, Hostelling International

We were safe in the knowledge that a senior developer was on hand to mentor and guide our employees, so there was less risk when offering two full time contracts to junior developers. By using We Got Coders we could control costs, build a brand new team and bring a new perspective to the company. In addition to this, the developers brought wide industry experience, and a resolute approach to coding to our company.



After a large-scale multiple-supplier software build, Hostelling International found that the return on investment with the agency model wasn’t working for them and so looked to We Got Coders to help them find a solution.

“We were having difficulty on a major e-commerce project and was running behind schedule, getting low on budget and still had a huge amount of work to complete before launch! Our web agency weren’t helping us and weren’t delivering value for money, plus other agencies we looked to wanted to rebuild the whole project from the ground up. That’s when we looked to We Got Coders to help us get out of this difficult situation.”


“Dan came highly recommended from people I trust in the industry, and I was impressed by his passion for web development and his faith in his students. He assessed our codebase before committing to the project and was confident that his junior developers would be up to the task. Most impressive was the commitment, dedication and talent of the developers he had been nurturing.”


After initially hiring two developers they have migratated their bookings and point of sale platform onto a modern, API-backed, service-orientated architecture which processes millions of pounds worth of bookings a year. Since then they have expanded their team with a third developer hired from We Got Coders.

“If you are looking for skilled, committed and eager developers, I strongly recommend using We Got Coders; whether in a situation where you are looking to control costs, are building a new team or you are actively looking to bring a fresh perspective to your current dev team. I was impressed by the wider industry experience that We Got Coders consultants bring with them, as well as a resolute approach to coding using industry best practices with Test Driven Development and Agile development.”


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