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Daljit Cheema, Co-Founder, Pharmaseal

We Got Coders was able to provide a service that we hadn’t seen from other companies in the same space. As a startup in its first year, we had the challenge of managing costs whilst creating something feasible. Dan and his team enabled us to deliver a proof of concept that we were confident with, and felt would be enough to take to investors.



As a brand new startup focused on applying the latest technology to accelerate clinical trials, it was crucial for Pharmaseal to find the most effective software language to enable them to deliver software with quality. Once the software language was chosen, they had to find a team to help them design and build the proof of concept, to help them secure funding. Budget was tight and speed was key.


During his research, Daljit came across We Got Coders and went along to one of the open days. He got to meet some of the students and speak to Dan about how it worked. “I liked that the course was detailed and the fact that the classes were smaller which provided an optimum learning environment with deeper engagement. After that, we chose to work with We Got Coders to get Pharmaseal off the ground.”

Daljit spent a couple of months on-site with Dan and the team, where he found out more about Ruby and Rails. “I believed that Rails suited a startup like Pharmaseal, and would allow us to deliver what we needed to. The next 6-9 months was about developing the proof of concept and Dan placed two recently graduated junior developers with us as contractors for three months. He supervised them throughout and reviewed the code, which was invaluable. After that, we hired the two graduates as employees and Dan would visit our Nottingham office every two weeks to help us with bigger, more complex issues such as that around security.”


“Working with We Got Coders enabled us to get far enough with building a proof of concept that we could show to investors. We have applied for funding to take the business to the next stage, with the aim to hire one or two more developers.”


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