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Merlin Mason, COO, ThanksBox

One thing that really stood out whilst working with We Got Coders, is the mentoring and the strong support network for the trainee developers. It means that these individuals have access to this network of mentees and peers long after the course has finished. This is invaluable for startups like us, because it means that we pay for a dedicated junior developer, but also have access to the expertise of a senior developer.



Before working with We Got Coders, ThanksBox had only its main developer in Germany. As a tech startup in its first two years, the company had to be able to move fast and meet tight project deadlines, particularly when features were in demand from customers. The company needed dedicated support here in the UK and ideally, someone who could be both hands-on and strategic. They would also need to liaise frequently with the developer in Germany. Finding this combination of experience at an affordable cost was proving to be a struggle. The company was able to pay for a junior developer for the project, but not a senior one as well.

Merlin explains that it wasn’t until an urgent feature release project came up, with a tight turnaround, that a mutual contact put him in touch with We Got Coders. “They had worked with Dan Garland previously and believed that him and the team could help us.”


Merlin started working with We Got Coders to kickstart the work for the feature release. “We were working remotely at the time, so Dan invited us to use their office as a base for the duration of the 3-month project. This was a huge help and enabled them to get to grips with the project quicker, and to be adaptable. One of their graduates came on-board for the project and we also had access to senior development when we needed it. This gave us the best of both worlds and was exactly what we had been looking for.”


“Once We Got Coders was up to speed, we were able to move quickly and deliver the project on time. This resulted in us winning the business from the new customer, which was the outcome we had been hoping for.”


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