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Nicole sentis

Nicole Sentis

Technical Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • SQL
Junio Developer
9 Months

About Me

Originally from the Netherlands, I came to the UK in 2011 to do a Master in Heritage Management at Newcastle University. After graduating, while working for Newcastle City Council in the Urban Design and Conservation Team, I discovered an interest in digital heritage - the use of digital technologies, such as web/mobile apps and virtual 3D models, in the heritage and museum sector. That interest made me attend the Digital Heritage Congress in Granada in 2015 as a voluntary hostess. I also started an online course in programming on the advice of a friend, which to my astonishment I actually could do and even more surprisingly, I liked very much. I found the problem solving, the creativity, and the joy when the code is working and you've actually created something that other people can use, very rewarding. Other interests I have are the environment, sustainability, fair trade, education, health, design and home organisation. In my free time, I like to walk and create walks, spend time in nature, visit museums and heritage sites, read and occasionally dance salsa or practice yoga. Also, I love the Mediterranean.

My Goals

I would like to improve my Angular, Redux, JavaScript and other front-end skills to become a great front-end developer, learn how to use Rails and Angular together, and learn Ionic so I can build mobile apps as well. But I'm quite open to learning other technologies. Although I love working from home, I would also like to work with and learn from a senior front-end developer and/or experience what it is like to work in a team of developers

Why I Got Into Web Development

Web development seemed the perfect field to be able to combine all of my interests: programming, design, improving people's lives and potentially making (cultural) heritage more accessible and engaging. After finishing the course at We Got Coders, I realised that I have a preference for front-end and have since worked mainly on those skills. In July 2017 I got my first job - a 6-months contract as a home-based junior front-end developer - which gave me the fantastic opportunity to learn and work with Angular 4.

Project Work

The latest project I worked on, was during my job. I had to build a multi-step order form in Angular 4, with Firebase as a backend, that would be shown to a client as a demo application. Steps included an address search based on postcode, selecting multiple mandatory and optional packages (broadband, tv, tv channels etc.), customer's details, payment details and a summary of the order. The application also had a shopping basket that had to be instantly updated every time a customer would make a change and an admin page with an overview of all the orders. The application was responsive, would remember what customers had filled in so far even after a browser refresh, and would protect steps that should not be accessible yet. My role was to design, build and update the entire application, based on what the client wanted. Since it was a demo, the actual texts and packages were not real but inspired by other websites. Also for the design, I drew inspiration from another website.


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