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Mobile App Development

Build your mobile apps faster and at a lower cost. Combine the flexibility of the web with the feel of a native app.

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If you’re looking to build an app, you’re probably wanting to hire iOS, Android and API developers. We say that’s a waste of time and money. Instead, we can build a mobile site quickly and translate it seamlessly to iOS and Android in one go.

One Build. Every Platform.

An iPad and iPhone. Just two of the devices that we support.

Avoid the costs and complexities of developing for multiple mobile platforms. By using web technology to implement your apps, you can achieve the same result as native, whilst streamlining and simplifying the process of building them.

HTML5 and JavaScript make it possible to build fully-native apps using web-based tools. By using open-source technology our web developers can help create mobile solutions faster than it’s possible to do in iOS or Android environments.

This reduces the total cost of development and ownership: it combines iOS, Android, Windows and API development in one role. So you can combine your app in one go, for iOS on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android on Samsung and other providers, and other platforms such as Windows and Firefox OS.

Even better, it means you can package your app and promote it via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as promoting your content via your mobile website.

A We Got Coders app on a mobile device

Go Mobile First

Developing your minimum viable product (MVP) on a mobile app forces you to cut to the chase. Focus on your unique selling points and rapidly develop a solution that can easily be adapted and built on for your mobile web and desktop applications.

By re-using many of the common components, we can build a web app in a matter of weeks. Our clear and transparent weekly charge and agile process allows you to budget clearly and see what will be delivered after each iteration.

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Build your app. Build your team.

It’s hard to find developers who can work equally well across every mobile platform. Our experts can work on both the front-end that the clients see and interact with, and the back-end API that powers the application, making it easier to integrate both sides.

By approaching mobile development using web technology, your tech team can develop one solution that works on all platforms, with a consistent experience for your end users. No more platform-dependent support calls and bugs!

Our developers at We Got Coders have been specifically trained in this technology in order to be expert in the latest web and mobile trends, and get your project done.

Our unique approach allows you to develop your app and have the option of keeping the development team or individual developers on a permanent basis after the project.

Key Benefits

  • Bring down the total cost of development and ownership, by consolidating iOS and Android expertise into HTML5 & JavaScript instead.
  • Combine a mobile website and an app. Our innovative approach permits maximum re-use of back-end technology to promote both a mobile app, and a mobile website, without extra costs.
  • Target Android and iOS platforms with one development team with same skillset, making it easier to hire and retain your staff.
  • Distribute your apps within both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as offering your content through your mobile website at no extra cost.
  • Rapidly create solutions in days that are consistent across your target platforms. No more differing experiences on different devices.
  • Our unique apporach allows you to develop your app and optionally keep the development team on a permanent basis following the project. Keep the developers you work with on your team.
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