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The LEAN Method Of Product Development

An iPad and iPhone. Just two of the devices that we support.

Many startups and entrepreneurs spend too much time and money perfecting their product before launch. In our experience of working with new ventures, it’s much better to build and launch an MVP to attract those first customers, and improve it over time – while it’s live.

By building your website or minium viable product (MVP) faster, you can test it with live customers, capture signups and evolve the model. You’ll get familiar with the build-measure-learn feedback loop and learn how to make actionable metrics a core part of your business model.

Why should you do it this way?

  1. Fast track funding Show investors a working product with its first real signups – rather than a PowerPoint deck
  2. Make it better and better Real-world feedback from actual customers is invaluable insight to perfect your offer
  3. Save time and money By developing an MVP you’ll not only get to market faster, but you’ll quickly work out if any part of your product isn’t actually viable or needed – without having spent thousands

Agile Software Engineers For Faster Innovation

Hiring an offshore web developer for a very cheap daily rate is, we think, a false economy. By employing or hiring one of our developers, you get more visibility, commitment and support all the way through your development journey.

We practice agile development, which breaks down a large product into short weekly or fortnightly sprints, where we iterate on the product, continually feeding back to you and your customers. We'll help you put the culture in place that supports requirements gathering with user stories, continuous delivery, rapid development and transparent project management, that is used by all of the best software companies and agencies in the world.

The short iterations that an agile process benefits from requires very particular skillsets – agility demands engineering – so hiring, for example, a PHP dev in another timezone doesn’t compare to a Ruby on Rails dev in the UK. Our developers have completed a rigourous 12 week in-house training programme and invested heavily in their personal development - and are now ready to join your team to get the project done.

  • Pivotal Tracker


    We use a step-by-step agile process using Pivotal Tracker to plan tasks, that puts you in the driving seat

  • GitHub

    Best Practice

    We peer-review code to ensure that what is delivered matches expectations and follows industry best practices

  • Cucumber

    Higher Quality

    We’ll use the latest in test-driven development techniques to develop robust solutions that work

  • Support

    Full Support

    We pair our developers with senior developers in our community, to ensure they receive the best support

Technologies We Love

  • Ruby Development

    • Object-orientated programming
    • MiniTest, Cucumber, RSpec
    • Sinatra, Hanami, Grape
  • Ruby on Rails

    • Rapid MVP prototyping in Rails
    • Postgres, SQL and ActiveRecord
    • Devise, OAuth, SSO
  • JavaScript & Node.js

    • Robust application builds in Node
    • Vanilla JavaScript and ES2015
    • MongoDB backends
  • React.js

    • Web Components
    • React testing with Mocha and Chai
    • Cordova and Mobile Development

Key Benefits

  • Build a product that has longevity - rather than reinvesting in new builds every 12-18 months
  • See the progress of the project week to week - and feedback early on your product
  • Launch early and get as much customer feedback and direction as possible
  • Build in a tech stack that attracts the most creative and inventive developers, who'll want to stay in your team
  • Take your customers with you when you scale with robust products that perform
  • Reduce your time to market and earn revenue or secure investment quicker
  • Realise the benefits of an agency project: UX, Build and Project Management, in one developer
  • Our unique apporach allows you to develop your app and optionally keep the development team on a permanent basis following the project.

Meet Your Development Team

Here are just a few of the specialist developers you could be working with.

  1. Location:
    Senior Developer
    14 years
  2. Location:
    Junior Developer
    6 months
  3. Location:
    Junior Developer
    18 months
  4. Location:
    Junior Developer
    2 months

Costs & Timescales

We can place our developers in your business to create your site or MVP in a variety of ways:

Costs & Timescales

We can place our developers in your to create your site or MVP in a variety of ways:

Following an agile approach, we charge by the week, per developer. To help you budget, we reccommend the following guidelines for developing a new application:

Small: 6 Weeks
1-2 Features
Medium: 12 Weeks
4-6 Features
Large: 18 Weeks
9-12 Features
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