No Recruitment Fees

Temp To Perm Web Developers

How It Works

  • We find, interview, vet and train suitable candidates, who embark on a 12 week training program, paying for their own tuition. You can find out more about our training process on our course offerings page
  • We select only the candidates who successfully complete the training and whom we deem ready for the workplace, and hire our own trainees on a fixed term contract basis.
  • We then forward you the CVs and GitHub profiles of our candidates for your consideration and arrange interviews. Candidates are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We remove the risk from your hiring process by subcontracting our consultants into suitable roles. Your chosen candidate will join your development team on-site on a 3 month, fixed term contract, working full-time.
  • We pair program with our trainees. With the support and oversight of our senior developers, we can be certain that the output of our combined work exceeds expectations.
  • By the end of the placement, you will have worked with a developer who has at least six months experience in developing web applications with Ruby, and has first-hand knowledge and understanding of your web applications and your development team. You will have the first refusal on whether to make an offer of full employment, with no recruitment fees! (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Get The Right Support

Our senior developers mentor our junior developers and are ready to step-in and guide, support and provide quality assurance - freeing up your development team to keep on developing.

  • Floobits

    Pair Programming

    Our programming pairs collaborate both on-site and remotely, able to resolve issues as soon as they arise.

  • Github

    Peer Reviews

    We pore over each commit that a candidate makes, spotting mistakes and improvements early.

  • Cucumber

    Quality Control

    Using a test driven development approach, mentors provide QA tests to ensure the highest standards.

  • Support


    We are the first point of contact for technical support, freeing up your developer's time.


Development is charged weekly at £1,250 + VAT. We recommend a 12 week engagement for a small to medium sized project, in order to properly allow the candidate to settle and to assess their performance over a adequate period.

Small MVP Build

Figures based on a 8 week placement for one candidate to build a minimum viable product (MVP)

8 weeks placement
8 x £1,250 = £10,000 + VAT
Total Cost
£10,000 + £ 2,000 VAT

Temp To Perm

Figures based on a 12 week placement for one candidate, before a permanent offer of £30,000

12 weeks placement
12 x £1,250 = £15,000 + VAT
9 months pro-rata salary
£30,000 / 12 * 9 = £22,500
Approximate Tax, NI and pension contribution
We Got Coders Fee
Total Year One Cost
£39,750+ £ 3,000 VAT


  • Ivan

    If you are looking for skilled, committed and eager developers, I strongly recommend using We Got Coders; whether in a situation where you are looking to control costs, are building a new team or you are actively looking to bring a fresh perspective to your current dev team. I was impressed by the wider industry experience that We Got Coders consultants bring with them, as well as a resolute approach to coding using industry best practices with Test Driven Development and Agile development.

    Ivan Salcedo - Operations Director, Hostelling International
  • Hands hq

    I've found We Got Coders' trainees superb - we've just hired our third. We also appreciate the attention after their trainees have been placed; as a senior developer Dan visits us weekly to help the them out with any problems. So far, their trainees have been enthusiastic, competent and a welcome addition to our company. Hiring new developers in London can be tough, using We Got Coders has meant we've cut out a lot of the hard work. We know we have an exceptional source of talent to draw on when we need to expand our team.

    Jamie Carruthers - Co-Founder HandsHQ
  • Ramsey

    We have worked with Dan on a number of projects at Head. We decided to work with him on his We Got Coders project to meet our recruitment needs, as we know that we will be getting excellent development from someone who understands our way of working and our need for quality, and that's what our clients will need and expect.

    Ramsey Khoury - CEO Head London
  • Casey

    We hired two of Dan's trainees, who have both been awesome. They came in with a solid foundation and are super hungry to learn (which I think is the most important factor) - they're already contributing to projects in major ways. Dan did an amazing job!

    Casey Gibbons - Co-founder Maki Fund