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From translating languages to programming languages


Women In Tech

Hailing from Greece, Glykeria worked as a freelance translator and linguist after graduating from university. We find out how she made the jump to working at Hostelling International as a Ruby web developer.

After moving to London a year ago, Glykeria wanted to make a career move into a field that allowed her creativity to flourish and started self-learning code. After five months practising online tutorials in web development and computer science, as well as speaking with former We Got Coders trainees, Glykeria followed their advice and signed up for our course.

She chose We Got Coders because of the proven success of our training and work placement model: every trainee who has completed the six month training and mentoring programme has subsequently found a web development position.

Learning does not stop after the training period ends. She says of her placement “I find it very exciting to practice all the things I learned during the course. The working environment is very friendly and every day is a new challenge for me, which keeps me motivated. Also, pair programming with my mentor helps me understand everything and grasp even very difficult concepts, which are not usually handled by junior web developers.”

The application is a sophisticated service-orientated architecture written in the Ruby Padrino framework, with a Java based API serving client data using JSON. Glykeria uses a test-driven approach to rapidly deliver client features, in weekly sprints.

Glykeria is the third We Got Coders graduate to be placed at Hostelling International so it’s clear that clients like our model too.

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