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How can you hire junior developers without the risk attached?


The common misconception across the board, is that hiring junior staff is more risky than hiring senior staff. And in the majority of cases, those with more experience are less likely to make mistakes or miss deadlines. Web development and coding is no different. However, what if we told you that we have a way for you to reap the benefits of hiring junior developers, without jeopardising the work undertaken? At We Got Coders, we mitigate the risk so that you can focus on delivering the work.

We believe that overlooking junior developers means that you are missing out on a huge opportunity for your business. Junior developers can be the most valuable and cost effective choice, particularly if you are looking to grow the team and want individuals who are enthusiastic, hard-working and dedicated to your company. So how exactly do we ensure that “risk” is taken out of the equation and you can concentrate on growing the business?

Our junior developers have undertaken quality training with the relevant skills. When you are looking to hire junior developers, make sure that the training they have completed is not only relevant, but prepares them for the workplace and working in a real agile software team. Things to look at include: what is covered on the course, the balance between classroom learning and project based work, the tools and techniques used throughout the course, and examples of “real” work that has come out of the course. We have a robust online syllabus but our experienced instructors have the freedom to keep the sessions dynamic. Out of 12 full weeks of tuition, one week is a supervised group project run as a mock agency, where the instructor is the lead developer and is engaged on the project. This gives trainees the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt and create something real. You can read more about the dating app project We Got Singles and why it remains an integral part of our course here.

We can ensure the best fit for your business and project. When you take on someone in any role, it’s not only their skills or experience that determines whether they are the right fit. You also have to try to find out in a couple of interviews what they are like to work with and decide whether they will fit in with the team you have in place already. Our trainees live and learn on-site, which means that we get to know them both professionally and personally. We see their work ethic, temperament, punctuality and all the other qualities that are part and parcel of an in-house web developer role. This means that when we place junior developers in companies, we are able to put forward candidates who best fit the role, the company and the type of project. An example of this is a junior developer we placed in a long-standing client of ours Hostelling International, a not-for-profit organisation. Our agility and nimbleness meant that we were able to turn things around quickly and provide a capable in-house tech team to launch a project that was on the verge of not going ahead. The junior developer we placed at the start is still there three and a half years later. And since then we have placed other developers there too, in order to meet the demand of the project and the growing team.

We provide flexible contracts and a trial period. When you are looking to grow a team, particularly a tech team, finding someone who fits the criteria is no mean feat. Therefore, even if you can be assured that this individual has received quality training, and possesses the right skills and personality for the role, it’s still a decision that requires careful consideration. Not only do we offer flexible contracts to our clients, but we actually encourage our clients to try a junior developer in their team for an initial three-months. If by the end of that period it isn’t working, we will find an alternative candidate for you from our support network. And for the time in-between, we will put forward a senior developer so that you don’t lose momentum and the work is delivered on time.

You get two heads, not just one. For any team to work, you need people with a combination of experience. This enables you to deliver on both the “bigger picture thinking” and the implementation. When we place a junior developer, we also have a senior developer managing them throughout the project. This means that if there’s anything the junior developer is struggling with, the senior member acts as their mentor to get them up to speed. This removes the need for any hand-holding resource from your in-house team and keeps things running smoothly. It also enables the business to control costs because the junior developer is still doing most of the legwork, but you are getting the senior developer to fill in the gaps as and when it’s required.

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