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Meet Carrie: The Newest We Got Coders Team Member


My name’s Carrie Pitts and I’m the newest member of We Got Coders. I’ll be looking after admissions and recruitment and attempting to try all of the dozens of different teas we have in the kitchen.

We Got Coder’s code school has been growing since it first opened in 2013. Most of our students have been career changers who weren’t sure if it’s possible to make the leap from where they are into web development (it definitely is). In addition, we’ve had a number of Graduate Scholars who’ve expanded their skills and then worked for us straight out of university without needing previous experience. We’ve consistently trained people in full stack web development, mentored them on their first client projects and then helped them launch their careers with their first jobs.

Now, We Got Coders would like to expand the existing Graduate Scholarship Programme. We’re training graduates to excel not just as web developers, but also as employees. Computer programmers need both technical and soft skills to do this. They need to work together in teams to meet a common goal, influence managers with great presentations and communicate well, both orally and in writing.

My role as admissions and recruitment coordinator will draw on my varied work history to guide and train our students throughout their time at We Got Coders. I’ve created and taught tailored soft skills courses as a trainer. I’ve helped students write resumes and prepare for interviews as a university career coach. I’ve recruited students and interns and organized their placement and training in a graduate program at a large, international company. Now I’ll do all of those things at We Got Coders with the added bonus of it being at a much smaller organization. That will allow me to spend more time personally with each student.

If you’ve been looking for the right graduate program for you and this sounds like it might be the right fit, you can find out more about We Got Coders’ Graduate Scholarship Programme here.

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As the newest member of the We Got Coders team, I’ve been tasked with streamlining the admissions process for all new trainees. Each company/ institution have their own unique entry requirements and We Got Coders is no different. Within the cluster of “Code Bootcamps”, however, We Got Coders definitely has the most stringent. This is because we are training you to be a web developer and at the end of the training period we are putting you in front of our clients We, therefore, need to be sure that you have the right motivation, professionalism and capability to succeed on the program and, later, in a client role.

As I wrote earlier, I was brought on to help streamline the trainee on boarding process but the more research I did, the more I realised that there are no shortcuts. This was further confirmed by speaking to the current crop of trainees – their top advice to anyone looking to join was to do as much preparation as possible! With that in mind, We Got Coders has a four-step admission process:

The first step to a web development career via We Got Coders is to express your genuine interest by completing an online application.

Once you submit this you will be sent a reading list and some links to free online tutorials that you must complete. You will then need to demonstrate what you have learnt via a programming challenge. Once you submit this challenge we will review your application in full and will either invite you in for an interview or advise that your application will not be progressing on to the next stage.

After interview we will let you know whether your application was successful or not.

So, as you can see, when we say we are selective, we mean it! The full Admissions Guidelines can be found here.

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