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Our First Cohort

Its five months since our first wave of web developer hopefuls began their quest to become full-stack web developers. They began with no Ruby web development experience; only what they had learned from self-study and some hard work. Now they are all contractors, working for We Got Coders as Ruby consultants.

What makes us unique is that we invest in entry-level developers, and provide them with the training that they need in order to cover the breadth of the skills required of a junior web developer. However, its only when given the opportunity to hone their skills and apply their knowledge, with the support and guidance of a mentor, that we believe talented web developers can make a meaningful contribution to their new teams.

In each case, the clients concerned were looking for people who can hit the ground running. Joe and Jason were snapped up by Hostelling International, a booking service for hostel accommodation. Hostelling International were coming to the end of an agency project and were looking to build an in-house team to maintain the project and take it forwards. As a global organisation increasingly relying on tech, Hostelling International realised that without having in-house Ruby expertise and being beholden to expensive agencies for on-going work, that they would not be in control of the destiny of their web offering.

Edgar landed a role at SupaDupa.me, a rails platform that provides boutique e-commerce to merchants. As a startup, SupaDupa need all hands on deck when it comes to development and need to prioritise those features that contribute to the bottom-line. As a We Got Coders consultant, Edgar is now driving business value that is moving the entire project forwards.

Michael joins the team at Hands HQ, a rails platform that provides legal documentation for the contractor industry. The concept began when two founders approached freelance Ruby developers to create their MVP; but were frustrated by the cost and commitment level of an experienced coder. To take their project forwards, HandsHQ sought to build their own team and work alongside a junior developer who is supervised by our senior development team; simultaneously delivering quality and value for money; whilst building up the team for the long-term.

By the end of March, the work experience programme will come to an end and our trainees will have completed our six-month fast-track programme. We aim to then secure full-time permanent positions for the consultants, who will have by then amply demonstrated their prowess; stay tuned to see how they get on!

If you are looking to get into web development, and are considering a bootcamp this year, look no further than We Got Coders; we vouch for our trainees and work alongside them in the workplace to get them jobs (and keep them there!)

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