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We Got Coders team win People’s Choice award at #endsvchack

Team win £500 start-up seed capital after 2-day hackathon



Amongst the fringe events was the first ever hackathon, aimed at finding practical solutions to sexual violence in conflict (SVC), where teams of volunteers, activists, survivors, diplomats, creatives, managers and coders got together to realise new ideas towards helping SVC survivors and improve communication amongst NGOs and activists. In just 48 hours, the team brainstorms solutions to the ideas, and rapidly puts together tech solutions that prove the concept. We ended up using many of the tools that we have been learning about on the course: padrino, rails, cucumber, gems, github, HTML & CSS and Google maps.

The team

After three days of ardour, hardly any sleep and a lot of fun, the We Got Coders trainees managed to get a basic prototype of each idea. Our trainees Serafeim Maroulis (@reykowgc) and Lianne Tan (@L_t15), worked on a concept for a volunteering platform, which combined Google maps and volunteer information in a Rails application, designed to help NGO’s find local voltuneers and build a local support network. Dan Hassan (@dan_mi_sun), Dami Odelola (@damzcodes), Zoltan Biber (@ZoltanBiber) and myself worked on a concept to help find displaced people missing from within refugee camps, that used facial recognition technology to help NGOs collate photograph data and find potential matches.

The Results

The latter project was selected for the people’s choice award, where £500 seed funding was awarded to the group. The prize went to the team with the most votes on the EndSVC website, with the majority of the votes coming from the exhibition delegates. We are now in discussions with the organisers, Chaynl, and our teammates (@miqueltubert) and (@SweetnutDesign) as to where to take the project next. If you are an NGO, angel investor, programmer or are interested in working with us on this or any other project related to the topic, please get in touch. We are willing to sponsor a project of this kind by providing the technical expertise and time to get this off the ground; now we are looking to build on our success and take the project to the next level. Please contact endsvchack@wegotcoders.com and we would be happy to hear from you. Many thanks go out the event organisers and the lovely people @chaynl for putting the together the event (and for all the free chocolates!)
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