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JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

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Learn JavaScript Programming in 6 Weeks

Join a select and diverse group of new learners in our immersive country house code retreat, and after six weeks you’ll gain the knowledge required of a modern web developer, with the skills to work in startups, agencies or anywhere else you want.

Our experienced instructor Dan Garland teaching
Learn to code from industry professionals

What it is

It’s a six-week, full-time residential training programme: you’ll work like never before, but you’ll live and breathe code and be miles ahead of the pack of junior devs when you finish.

Covering JavaScript programming, the most popular language used by industry professionals, we'll train you in the full stack of web development, so that you can build both front-end user interfaces and fast, reliable APIs. By the end of the course, you'll be ready to tackle junior developer jobs, or use this knowledge as a foundation for further learning.

We Got Coders new stunning location for 2019
Merrist Wood House, near Guildford, Surrey

Where it is

Beat the bustle of the city and learn in a relaxed environment. Our secluded countryside retreat shares the campus of Merrist Wood College, in Worpolesdon near Guildford, Surrey. With all the facilities of a University, it's a beautiful location, providing plenty of space to relax in. There's the option of private accommodation on campus, with all the domestic stuff taken care of, so you can keep your mind focused on learning. Ditch the distractions and get the focus you deserve.

This course is suitable for everyone
Learn to code from industry professionals

Who it is for

Whether you are a beginner or have already learned other languages, there is a huge benefit in learning JavaScript. Whether it's graphics, gaming, machine learning, blockchain or servers, as the language of the Web, JavaScript is an indispensible part of any coding career.

You don't need any qualifications, but this course will have a steep learning curve, where you'll need to work hard and apply knowledge you learn each day. Working in pairs, along with your instructor, we'll work through pre-prepared exercises, and build apps in a hands-on environment, where you'll learn from each other as well as us. Completing the course will prepare you for further learning, building your portfolio or applying for jobs.


  • Week 1

    Programming in JavaScript

    • Basic Programming Concepts
    • Data Structures
    • Functions and Objects
    • Working with Node.js
  • Week 2

    Dynamic Webpages

    • Event-driven programming
    • Building web components
    • Working with the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Week 3

    Building UIs with React

    • Building React components
    • Test Driven Development
    • Understanding state
  • Week 4

    Networking with Express.js

    • Working with the HTTP Protocol
    • Building APIs with Express.js
    • RESTful architecture
  • Week 5

    MERN Stack Development

    • Persistence with MongoDB
    • Handling data in JavaScript
    • Handling state with Redux
  • Week 6

    Full Stack JavaScript

    • Consuming Web Services
    • Authentication and Security
    • Webpack and deployment
    • Putting it all together!


How much does the course cost?

The course is currently set at £4,000, payable in advance of the course start date.

What are the entry requirements for the program?

A candidate must complete an interview process, a code-test and can demonstrate some requisite knowledge in computing. At a minimum, we expect candidates to demonstrate self-motivated study that they have undertaken, such as completing significant tranches of codeschool.org or codeacademy.org, or building a webpage or basic application and providing us the source code on GitHub.

Candidates must also be over the age of 18.

Do I need a Computer Science degree or similar qualification?

We are open-minded about where we source our candidates from. Provided that you complete the groundwork and meet the entry requirements, you will be considered along with every other candidate.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships for the unemployed / graduates / etc?

Depending on your circumtances, we might be able to help you if cost is the only barrier. Whilst we realise this is a premium course, the return on investment is extremely beneficial next to longer term college or University courses.

We wrote a blog post about that here.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for someone with:

  • A high aptitude for learning. We will teach you concepts during the morning that we expect you to work with by the afternoon.
  • A strong interest in coding! We want people who are looking to become engineers; not people who are casually interested in coding, or looking to augment their existing career with a coding skill set.
  • A proven self-starter. We want to see your track record of self-motivated study, examples of leadership or initiative and an impressive career-to-date.
  • Rounded skills. What else can you do other than code? Do you have skills in design, management, business, creativity? Have you done any voluntary work?
  • Tenacity. Making software is hard and this course will humble you. We want people who can take adversity in their stride and find challenging situations inspiring and can inspire others when the going gets tough.
  • Communication. Why are you taking the approach that you have? What are the alternatives before you dive in? Could you explain your rationale to a colleague? Can you ask a targeted question?
  • Fun! Most of our clients really want someone who will be a good fit in their team. If we're going to be in a room together for six weeks, we had better get along, so persuade us that you're ready to muck in.
What is your approach to teaching and training?

The course is split approximately between lectures and practical application, with approximately a 1:2 ratio. The syllabus covers a range of topics required of full-stack web developers. The course is designed to cover the theory but through practical application, so that you will be learning industry relevant skills and gaining experience.

In general, our teaching approach is very hands-on, working with real world practitioners and working on real world projects to hone your skills to the needs of the development market.

How long does it take to become a web developer?

Learning to code is a craft that can take many years to master. Most web development positions in JavaScript require at least 1 year's commercial experience, although relevant experience in other areas is advantageous. We have designed this course to fast-track web developers to a level we feel is suitable to create a portfolio and apply for jobs. With our guidance, we believe that our web developers should expect to obtain an entry level position within six months of the start of their study.

We also wrote a blog post about this topic here.

Will I get a permanent job at the end of this course?
Unlike our previous six month bootcamps, this six-week course is designed to provide a good foundation for future learning, portfolio building and job hunting. Although we cannot guarantee that we will find you a permanent job, We Got Coders are unique in finding apprentice positions for our trainees from the outset, hiring the best of our intake and providing on-site mentorship and support. JavaScript is also a very versatile language, which allows this course to support a variety of learning and professional goals.
What time commitment is needed for this programme?
During the training phase, you will be expected to put in at least 50 hours of study per week. Realistically you will get out of the course what you put in, which is one of the reasons why we decided to offer residential accommodation, so that trainees can work effectively outside of normal office hours during the training phase.
What sort of help can I expect from my instructor?
Your instructor will be on hand to:
  • Pair-program on tasks
  • Help manage, analyse and estimate the project work that you have been assigned
  • Provide line-by-line feedback on your commits
  • Provide technical support and answer questions
  • Contribute improvements to code to help you learn
  • Provide quality assurance to ensure that the work is of a sufficient standard
  • Provide extra training where required
What if I'm not satisfied?

If you cancel the course within the first two weeks, a portion of the course fee will be returned in accordance with the following schedule:

Refund policy for the course
Time Notice served by Trainee (Week of Training Phase) Fee Refund (% of Tuition Fee)
Week 1 100%
Week 2 50%
Week 3+ 0%

All notices must be received in writing via email or letter, before the close of business that week. Termination sent after 6pm on the Friday of a completed week will be deemed to have been sent for the following week.

What students have said

Course rating: 5.0 based on 29 ratings
  • This course was everything I needed to begin my web development career. It brought coding into context, in a way I would not have been able to do without the support and experience that was provided to us from the instructors. I can’t recommend pair programming enough, especially as a new learner. It allows you to confront misconceptions you may have established and also lets you see completely different approaches to solving the same problem. Dan really helped kickstart my career, getting me my first two jobs and pair programming through issues when I experienced them. I would recommend the course for anyone needing that extra support to get started in a web development career.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I joined the course having already spent a year as a Developer for a design agency. I had good knowledge before I started the course but the expert tuition took me to a much higher level in just three short months, meeting some great people along the way. After completing the course, I secured a permanent position at a well established company and I have kept improving ever since, learning from other highly skilled developers on a daily basis. It was a big decision and investment to take part in the We Got Coders course. A year on I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Rating: 5 5
  • For me, the most valuable aspect of the course was the guidance I received with my learning, which I would not have had if I continued on my self-learning coding journey. The curriculum was very good, covering many essential aspects of Ruby web development, often going beyond a Junior developer level towards the end of the course. Speaking from experience, this is a solid choice for those who are serious about learning to code.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is an exceptional teacher. He took me from barely understanding HTML to being about to build full stack CRUD Rails applications. What sets Dan apart from other teachers is that he really cares about helping you learn. He was diligent at all times and would always make the effort to put in additional hours after work to help me if needed. I would highly recommend Dan.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Carrie Pitts - Admissions Co-ordinator

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