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How To Apply

Application on to our training programme consists of four stages, each of which must be completed before moving on to the next:

How To Apply

  1. Apply Online

    Places are limited and competition is high
  2. Groundwork

    40-50 hours (approx) of background reading and online tutorial work
  3. Programming Challenge

    8-16 hours (approx) of independent study where your groundwork will be put to the test
  4. Interview

    Show us that you are passionate about a career as a web developer

Application Process

We work on a rolling application basis so there is no deadline, however, places are limited so we recommend early application. You need to take in to consideration the preparation work required, which depends on your current level of coding knowledge and if you are applying for a loan you will need to factor in any deadlines imposed by the lender.

There is a lot of groundwork that will need to be done if you are to successfully complete the training and become job-ready in the allotted time. The course is very intensive, and is immediately followed by real-world client work; so the more groundwork that you put in now, the more that you will get from the training and the more likely that your application will be successful.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most talented, able and passionate applicants are accepted.

  1. Stage One: Application Form

    Aside from your contact details, we need to know a little bit about you and what your motivations are. We are investing our time and reputation in to training and then placing you with our clients so we need to ensure that you have the right attitude and capabilities to succeed in the field of web development.

    If you are a non-native English speaker we will require evidence of your language proficiency. Our English Language requirements are IELTS Academic 6.5 or equivalent.

    Once you have applied you will receive a username and password which will grant you access to your application. From here you will be able to see the status of your application and further information on how to progress.

  2. Stage Two: Groundwork

    This usually consists of approximately 40-50 hours of independent study combining reading and practical work using free online resources. By no means are we expecting you to master each topic, we just want to ensure that the foundations are laid before your intensive training begins. The more work you put in at this stage, the more prepared you will be for the training.

    Reading topics include:

    • Command Line
    • Git Basics
    • Compulsory online tutorials on:
      • Ruby
      • JavaScript
      • Web Fundamentals

    Once you complete the associated reading and tutorials you need to check them off in your application before progressing on to the Programming Challenge.

  3. Stage Three: Programming Challenge

    We estimate that this will take approximately 8 - 16 hours of independent study.

    Here, we assume that you have done the groundwork and put it to the test by presenting you with a programming challenge. You will be directed to the GitHub repository where there will be further instructions on how to proceed.

    The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate that you have grasped the basic knowledge set out in the preparation and groundwork, and to encourage you to go further in your self-learning.

    At this stage you will need to setup a programming environment that supports Ruby development. Guidance will be provided on how to do this.

    Once you submit your programming challenge your application will be under review. Once we have reviewed your application in full we will either invite you for an interview or decide that we can no longer take your application further.

  4. Stage Four: Interview

    If after reviewing your application we decide to progress you further we will contact you with an interview date.

    The interview is an opportunity for us to meet you, understand your motivations for the course and enthusiasm for a career in web development. We will ask questions about your coding experience, the groundwork you have completed and the programming challenge. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have. There will also be a short pair-programming code test, where you will be expected to work on a code challenge in Ruby or JavaScript.

    A final decision on your application will be made after the interview and you will be notified of the outcome by e-mail.

Dan cares more about making his students web developers, than reproducing the factory format of similar development boot camps. He cares about his students and invests time and effort in them, even outside of office hours. He is supportive, personable, and very knowledgable in Ruby. I was able to go from having no real understanding of Ruby to being able to understand and create complicated server side applications.

Damilola Odelola – Founder Blackgirl.tech
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