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MEAN Stack Training Course

Become a full-stack developer using JavaScript with cutting edge technology on both Client and Server
6 weeks
£4,500 to £5,000
Required Level
Intermediate to Advanced
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Don't Get Left Behind - It's Time To Get MEAN!

Ride the crest of the JavaScript wave with our 6-week intensive course covering the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. Get up to speed with cutting edge JavaScript technology and transform your career, learning from Industry experts at our state-of-the-art tech manison in Hertfordshire.

Web Developer Fast Track Standup Meeting
Daily Standup

What it is

A 6 week intensive course aimed at professional programmers who need to get up to speed with the MEAN stack. Learn how to build super-fast, scalable web applications with the best user experiences across all devices.

Take advantage of the incredible demand in this emerging sector, with salaries averaging £47,500 according ITJobsWatch.co.uk. Now's the time to update your skills and add this important technology to your CV.

Web Developer Fast Track Classroom
Comfy Classroom

Why it's different

Nothing beats taking a break from your career and devoting yourself entirely to coding for six whole weeks. Our industry leading live-in instructors are on-hand all day long to make sure that you get enough facetime to ensure that you grasp all of the essentials.

Our luxurious, quiet surroundings enable you to focus on getting the most of your course, whilst covering all aspects of web development using JavaScript. Break out in style with our comfy lounges, steam room, snooker table and games room.

Above all, you’ll have spent weeks in a single-minded code environment, but with none of the burnout and stress you’d experience in central London. You’ll emerge relaxed, confident and highly skilled: a developer fully ready for the job market.

We Got Coders HQ - House wide shot
Home sweet home

Where it is

Our luxury riverside mansion HQ is less than 30 minutes north of London in the Hertfordshire countryside. You’ll have a private ensuite room, lots of space to relax in, and we’ll take care of all the domestic stuff so you can keep your mind focused. Working alongside your classmates and instructor, you'll get the facetime you need to get the help you need, when you need it.

Weeks 1-6 : Training Phase


Our hands-on, intensive, full-stack, agile web development training course shows you all that you need to know to become a full-stack web developer.

You’ll live in our tech mansion with the other trainees and tutors and learn everything you’ll need to know as a web developer. We combine 12 weeks of intensive study in small groups, with a 2 week final project to build your portfolio and prepare you for the workplace.

  • Week 1

    JavaScript and MongoDB

    • ECMAScript 6
    • TDD with Jasmine.js and Karma
    • Persistence with MongoDB
  • Week 2

    Intro to Node.js and Express.js

    • - Serving content using http.Server
    • - Organizing your site with routes and templates
    • - Using Express as an MVC framework
  • Week 3

    Single Page Apps with Angular.js

    • - Basics of Angular.js
    • - AJAX versus socket.io
    • - Complex data visualization using D3
    • - Express.js as an MVVM framework
  • Week 4

    Full-Stack, MEAN Development

    • Complex single-page applications (SPA) based on Angular
    • Authenticating users
    • Deploying sites to a production environment
  • Week 5

    Service Orientated Architecture

    • Using OAuth to gain access to external APIs
    • Email / File Upload / Text Messaging
    • Flexible ways of testing client-side frameworks
  • Week 6

    Native Mobile Apps

    • Using Cordova and Ionic
    • Using a device's camera, GPS, compass, and proximity
    • Building responsive React applications
  • Finalproject
    Weeks 7-8

    Final Project

    • Build an app from scratch
    • Two 1 week sprints
    • 1:1 Code to test ratio, > 90% test coverage required
    • Present to industry

Your Instructor

Lorin Thwaits

Lorin firmly believes that code exists in order to change the world to be a better place. Most of his professional experience has been with .NET and Java projects for the financial industry, but he loves to code recreationally as well.

He brings a deep love of code into the classroom. He has split his time evenly between doing projects and teaching over the past 20 years, and looks forward to introducing many more passionate people into the world of software development. As of late the stacks he fancies are Rails, node.js, and Apple's recently-released Swift.

Our Location

Yewlands House
Yewlands Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 8BX
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    Yewlands House

    Start your life as a digital nomad. Our state of the art training facility doubles as amazing accommodation, offering you the space to live and work and get help when you need it

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  • Payment Plans

    Price Plans for MEAN Stack Training Course
    Price Plan Deposit Installments Total
    Up-front £0 £4,500.00, payable at least two weeks before the course start date £ 4,500.00 (Save 10%!)
    Installments £500.00 3 x £1,666.67, payable at the end of each month of the course £ 5,000.00
    PCDL £0 Your PCDL loan is paid directly by your bank, no futher action would be required £ 5,000.00

    Course Dates

    We like to keep classes small so they’re limited to 10 places – book now to avoid disappointment.

    Course dates for March 2017
    Dates Period
    Monday, 27 Mar – Friday, 5 May Mean Stack Training Course
    Course dates for May 2017
    Dates Period
    Monday, 15 May – Friday, 23 Jun Mean Stack Training Course
    Course dates for July 2017
    Dates Period
    Monday, 3 Jul – Friday, 11 Aug Mean Stack Training Course
    Course dates for August 2017
    Dates Period
    Monday, 21 Aug – Friday, 29 Sep Mean Stack Training Course
    Course dates for October 2017
    Dates Period
    Monday, 9 Oct – Friday, 17 Nov Mean Stack Training Course

    Entry Requirements

    You’ll only be able to apply if you:

    • Intermediate to advanced programming level, or completed our Web Fundamentals course
    • Able to devote at least 50 hours a week to study
    • UK / EU citizen, or leave to remain in the UK

    *If you are not eligible to work but are eligble to live in the UK for the duration of a course, you can take our training-only option, where you would complete the same training program for the first twelve weeks, but couldn't be considered for the work experience phase.

    If you’re completely new to code but massively keen maybe try our online introduction to code or women-only weekend workshops first.

    Carrie Pitts - Admissions Co-ordinator

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this course, or any of our offerings, our admissions co-ordinator Carrie is here and will be happy to to hear from you.

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