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Price Plans

  • Graduate Scholarship

    • 12 weeks FREE training
    • 12 weeks paid Work Experience with mentor
    • Earn £22,000 pro rata during work experience
    • Earn £25,000 at least in year 1
    • Minimum 24-month commitment
  • Web Developer FastTrack

    • 12 weeks training
    • Accommodation available in our luxury countryside retreat
    • 12 weeks paid Work Experience with mentor
    • Earn £22,000 pro rata during work experience
    • Earn £25,000-£35,000 year 1
    • Flexible payment plans
  • Training Only

    • 12 weeks training
    • Accommodation available in our luxury countryside retreat
    • Flexible payment plans
    • No minimum commitment

Payment Options

Price Plans for our courses
Price Plan Installments Total
Graduate Scholarship Tuition costs are waived for trainees who work with us for a 24-month period (see below) FREE
Advance Price £6,000, payable at least four weeks before the course start date (Save 25%!) £6,000
Normal Price £8,000, payable before the course start date £8,000

PCDL Loans

Unfortunately we are not accepting any future PCDL loan applicants at this time.

Graduate Scholarship

Upon leaving University, many graduates find themselves in a ‘Catch 22’ of not having the experience to find a job, and not having the job to get the experience. To break free from this cycle, we work with exceptional graduates and cover the tuition fee of their three-month training, provided that they work for We Got Coders for a minimium 24-month period*. This allows us to provide them with the extra support that they will need in order to get their first developer position. Places are limited and open to recent University graduates only (non Computer Science subjects are considered), and are allocated entirely at our discretion.

* Under this arrangement, the training fees would be loaned to the candidate via We Got Coders. If the candidate opts to leave us before the 24-month period, the training fee would be payable pro-rata for the amount of time worked. But we want you to stay and help us build a network of talented web development graduates!

Earn while you learn!

We are unique in taking on the best of our trainees and putting them to work on client work or open source projects, under the supervision of our mentors. We currently pay a training salary of £22,000 while you are on client work, and also a training allowance when working on open-source projects. In this way, you can earn back your course fee in 3-4 months following the end of the training program. For graduates who complete the entire six month training phase we would be looking to pay £25,000 in the first year.

Following the mentoring phase, we look to secure permanent offers of employment from our client list, varying from between £25,000 to £35,000 in the first year.

Accommodation Costs

If you are taking our Web Developer Fast Track programme and would like to stay with us during the course, the accommodation costs for 2018 is set at £325.00 (including VAT) per week and includes all bills, utilities, taxes, television license, Internet, linen, towels, tea & coffee, breakfast and a hot evening meal, Monday to Friday.

Parking is available, by prior arrangement.

Trainees would only need to provide and budget for:

  • Weekend meals
  • Travel to and from the site
  • Social activities
  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Toiletries

Invoicing & Deposits

An invoice for the deposit and each installment will be issued at the start of each calendar month. The deposit is payable before the course starts, and each installment invoice has a payment term of 30 days. If you opt to pay in advance for the tuition fee, this must be received in cleared funds before the course begins. If you are applying via PCDL, we will need to be provided with the PCDL Course Start Notification Form before we can secure your place on the course. Deposits are non-refundable.


If this agreement is terminated early (in writing) by the trainee during the training phase, the outstanding tuition fee will be payable according to the following schedule:

Refund policy for the course
Time Notice served by Trainee (Week of Training Phase) Fee Payable (% of Tuition Fee)
Week 1 0%
Week 2 25%
Week 3 50%
Week 4 75%
Week 5+ 100%

All notices must be received in writing via email or letter, before the close of business that week. Termination sent after 6pm on the Friday of a completed week will be deemed to have been sent for the following week. No refunds are given on promotional rates or earlybird discounts.

Key Performance Indicators

Paid work experience placements are discretionary based on performance. To be considered for a placement, we will be monitoring your performance on the following key indicators:

  1. At least 80% of all theoretical work assigned by We Got Coders to the Trainee to be completed to our satisfaction by the end of the Training Phase.
  2. Demonstration of the following skills:
    • suitable work ethic
    • punctuality
    • attendance (maximum of two days absence, unless previously arranged)
    • teamwork, including working effectively in a pair / group.
  3. A final project submitted by the end of the Training Phase to a standard acceptable to the instructional team:
    • The project to be operational and meeting the original brief agreed by the instructional team and the candidate before the project started.
    • A minimum 1:1 code-to-test ratio.
    • A deployed application on a third-party hosting service such as Heroku.
    • Candidate has built an on-line presence on social media and has updated their CV to our requirements. Demonstration of participation in the Ruby / web / start-up community.
    • Candidate keeps to all of the provisions set out in their student contract, and keeps to a timely payment schedule of the course Tuition Fee.

Dan cares more about making his students web developers, than reproducing the factory format of similar development boot camps. He cares about his students and invests time and effort in them, even outside of office hours. He is supportive, personable, and very knowledgable in Ruby. I was able to go from having no real understanding of Ruby to being able to understand and create complicated server side applications.

Damilola Odelola – Founder Blackgirl.tech
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